incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case

incipio Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case

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Wallet cases have been popping up everywhere.  With so many different case manufacturers taking slightly different approaches, the decision making process can be a little daunting.  A few months ago, we reviewed a wallet case made by CM4 .  While we’re not going to present this review as a ‘head-to-head’ matchup, we will have something to contrast and compare the Stowaway to.  In general, we truly like the Stowaway case, and it should definitely be a contender in your quest for a card-carrying iPhone case.  Let’s get on to the review…

All of the button cutouts are appropriately sized and placed.  We didn’t have any difficulty accessing or using any of the iPhones physical controls.  In general, the rubber feels a bit saggy.  The outer shell does help it to maintain it’s shape and form, but around the home button (and the top face of the phone) the rubber feels a bit ‘stretched out’.  What separates this case from the pack is what stores in the back…



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