The Joy Factory RainBallet iPhone4

Rugged, Waterproof Case for iPhone 4/4S

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Wherever Your Imagination Takes You

Your iPhone was a shy genius, limited by its beautiful but fragile construction. Now, with the RainBallet from The Joy Factory, you can chart a bold course for your mobile adventures without ever fearing your surroundings. Unlock the treasures of your iPhone in environments never before thought possible.



The RainBallet surrounds every inch of your iPhone with waterproof protection. This case is IPX7 certified to endure up to 30 minutes underwater without adverse effects, so it brings out the best of the your iPhone even when completely wet. Take calls from the pool. Plot your trail while on the trail. Snowball fights. Mud football. Rock climbing. Your iPhone is now as active as you are.



The RainBallet is the perfect companion on the jobsite or at the gym. Since the RainBallet is shock-resistant, there’s no need to fear bumps, scrapes, drops, scratches, or dings. And while nothing can protect your phone from intentional abuse, the RainBallet will secure your iPhone through most everyday scuffles and still work like a champ.

Intelli-filter™ Technology—Block Water, Not Sound

One exciting feature of the RainBallet is the Intelli-filter™ technology built right into it. Since the Intelli-filter™ membranes keep water from entering the case while still conducting sound waves, there is no need to choose been waterproofing your phone and understanding your phone calls.

Sharpvue™ Lenses for Underwater Video

Underwater video taken using your RainBallet is beautiful and crystal clear thanks to the advanced Sharpvue™ lenses that come standard with each RainBallet. Both the rear and front-facing iPhone cameras are covered with Sharpvue™ lenses, so your footage will look stunning no matter what angle you shoot from.



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