MobileCinema i20 Plus iPhone Projector

MobileCinema i20 Plus
iPhone Projector

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Cookie size, Plug and Play

With only 78g, 55% weight of iPhone 4, MobileCinema i20 Plus is designed for your mobile life. Compact and the cookie size make it easy for you to carry i20 Plus anywhere you go and project anytime you want. With iPhone’s 30pin connection, you don’t need to prepare cable with you and to do the pinch, slide to the next and etc., on your iPhones as you normally do.

Q1080p projection resolution

The resolution for iPhone 4 LCD is 960x540. To offer better projection quality, i20 Plus supports Q1080P resolution projection screen that make you see the text and image clearly without blur.

R.G.B. LED technology

The R.G.B. LED technology provides a wide range of true colors in high contrast. Share the video, picture, and game in your iPhone onto to the flat wall when gathering with friends.

20,000 hours lifetime for LED

Compare with tradition projector with light bulb, LED light got 30% longer life. This means you don’t have to worry about the dead light and you can save lots of money.

Extend your iPhone to 50” at 1.6M distance

i20 Plus is a pico projector design for iPhone. When connect i20 Plus to your iPhone, you can enjoy 50” screen at 1.6M distance. Make your vision wide with i20 Plus on hand.

Power Bank feature for emergency power charge

For mobile use, i20 Plus was embedded with rechargeable 950mA high safety Li-Polymer battery that can support iPhone power charge at critical moment, which offers you additional 3 hours talk time for 3G, or additional 7 hours talk time for 2G, or additional 18 hours for playing music, or additional 5 hours for web browsing thru WiFi.



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